About Our Poetry

Our poetry is about the interior monologues each of us has with ourselves and sometimes about outside conflicts with the world or with certain people, but not always. This is best expressed in Dana's words to the right. ------->>>

Writing Poetry

Poetry writing comes naturally.
It is a way to escape the world
and its' harsh realities.
My poetry helps to explain my individuality.
Things that bother me.
Things that give me wonder.
Poetry comes from life experiences,
It is feelings and raw emotions.
The topics are for everyone to
relate to, but my writing is done
really only to please myself.

Dana Ward


Will You Wash My Hair?

One month before
the death of my Mother
She called to say,
"Please wash my hair"
i did, but two days later she asked me again,
i did, knowing her
normal appointment
was once a week.

Mom passed September 29, 1991.
With clarity,
i knew
all the time
she was asking me
to be the one
to take care
of her hair, for her interment and so,
between my tears
I did just that.